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Teaching advanced hacking techniques and providing opensource tools!

IN SUPPORT OF SAUDI VISION 2030: @hack perfectly aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 and will ultimately support the Kingdom’s digital transformation they have in store.

With the strategic move away from being an oil-dependent economy to one that is digitally savvy and ahead of its time, KSA’s cybersecurity landscape is a core focus to ensure security measures are in place.

Hence the the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and  Drones (SAFCSP) ambition of making every 1 in 100 Saudi’s a programmer.


The Black Hat and SAFCSP Partnership

@Hack is organised in association with Black Hat therefore, taking consultation from the Black Hat team on how to deliver a bespoke and powerful event fit for the region.

Both series share the same objectives, to teach advanced hacking techniques, provide open-source tools and to level up cyber security capabilities.

Co-organised by the SAFCSP, the Federation seeks to build national and professional capabilities in the fields of cyber security and programming in line with the established and internationally recognised practices and standards, to expedite the ascent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the ranks of developed countries in the domain of technology innovation.


10,000 +
400 +
100 +
Technical Hacking Sessions
Black Hat Approved Trainers


@Hack is far more than a levelling up experience. Yes, you’re going to learn more in one event than you will for the entire year, but we want to ensure there’s maximum opportunity to connect with buyers and for real business to take place.

Through bespoke sponsorship packages, we will help you create an experience that will resonate with the @Hack audience including globally renowned CISOs, government entities and some of the region’s most power tech buyers!

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