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Digital transformations and IT drive successful business outcomes

The convergence and pervasive presence of IT, communications, and Internet technologies is shaping business and society in tandem. As industry sectors and business processes continue their transformation to a digital way of working, the ability to effectively harness technology is now a strategically important capability for most enterprises.

Informa Tech Enterprise IT brands are at the forefront of inspiring, informing and educating business and technology leaders on Enterprise IT, with a focus on key areas including Cloud and Data Center, Enterprise Communications, Contact Center, Service Management, Channels, and Verticals. These brands focus on solving business problems and adding value through the creation of new opportunities, informing of possibilities that arise from new technologies, and the critical success factors to exploit them.


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The reality of enterprise IT is that the vast majority of business is done through the vast ecosystem of managed service providers, systems integrator, born-in-the-cloud services companies, specialised service providers, consultants, VARs and other organisations that make up the ICT channel.

Cloud / Data Center

Cloud is redefining numerous sectors of the tech economy, not only in enterprise IT operations but also across consumer mobile and internet services, gaming, telecom network operations, application development, and many more.

Contact Center

The contact centre marketplace has changed dramatically over the past decade. Traditional vendors and new disruptive startups are offering cloud-based solutions, and cloud contact centre sales already account for more than half the new systems sold annually.

Enterprise Communications

Enterprise communications technology is essential to businesses of all sizes. Use of the cloud for communications and collaboration services is ramping up quickly, and enterprises are starting to gravitate toward cloud-based suites rather than best-of-breed technology.

Service Management

Service management has evolved beyond the realm of IT to represent a more strategic and all-encompassing way for businesses to deliver and support a range of important services. It remains concerned with IT services, but effective enterprise service management (ESM) aims to improve and better integrate the cross-functional processes.

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