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Edge Computing Digital Symposium

The Edge of Disruption: Multi-access Edge Computing in 2021

The Light Reading Edge Computing Digital Symposium investigates two of the most transformative developments in the emerging edge sector: The critical function of edge in cloud computing and the key role of  automation and AI at the carrier edge, moving “zero-touch” and “lights-out” to the top of the list of near-term requirements for service providers and giving Enterprises what they are demanding in  a pervasive and consistent “cloud experience” for on-premises, IoT, and edge applications.

12.45 PM Session Two - The Adaptive Edge: The Role of Automation and AI in Edge Computing

Automation and AI will be foundational to many new enterprise services that will emerge from the rollout of IoT devices and even automated functions such as autonomous vehicles. But before this can happen CSPs need to have an AI/ Automation strategic plan vs. simply trying to layer both over an edge compute architecture.

Topics to be discussed in this session include:

  • What is the relationship between AI/Automation and edge computing and what are the best practices for implementing?
  • Will the rollout of edge computing simplify or add additional complexity to AI/Automation adoption?
  • What are the service control implications associated with supporting microservices at the edge in an AI/Automation rich environment vs. maintaining control in a centralized cloud?

11:00 AM Session One - Edge Computing Momentum Outpaces Public Cloud

Omdia predicts 2021 as the year we see Data-Drift to the cloud decelerating in favor of Edge Computing.  Is the maturing pubic cloud marketplace, characterized by massive centralized data centers, starting to give way to a more organic cloud philosophy that places data and compute resources closer to the end user? How is this trend manifesting itself in terms of carrier services, marketing messaging and in carrier spending? This session will examine how investment is shifting to support edge computing in order to address the evolving needs of the enterprise and their customers, needs that can be better served by an ultra-nimble and flexible architecture with cloud native Edge computing as a foundation.

Topics to be discussed in this session include:

  • Is edge computing the CSP’s best chance for competing with hyperscalers while enhancing services to enterprise customers?
  • What role will cloud native play in deploying feature rich edge services?
  • What are the industries and use cases that will benefit most from a shift away from centralized storage and computing and towards MEC?
  • How will CSP’s monetize MEC to support the deployment of MEC services – revenue sharing? Targeted deployments? Partnering with hyperscalers?