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Blockchain for Business Summit

From hype to action

Gone are the days where blockchain technology was limited to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. Blockchain is set to radically transform many industries from health care to politics, logistics and energy. Businesses from across the globe are experimenting with new innovations and discovering blockchain’s versatility.


Explore what blockchain can do for your business

Our blockchain events bring together blockchain pioneers and visionaries, the tech businesses supplying blockchain software and platforms and the organisations looking to embrace and lead on this new technology now and in the future.
40 %
Of Businesses Will Invest $5 Million+ In Blockchain Technology In 2019
84 %
Of Executives Said Their Companies Were Actively Involved With Blockchain Technology
$20 b
Is The Predicted Blockchain Revenue Expected Worldwide By 2025

Why Sponsor

Blockchain for Business Summit draws a wide cross-section of industries, senior executives and innovation teams, all eager to find out how blockchain technology can revolutionize their business infrastructure and improve profitability, but also lend an ethical lens to an increasingly contentious business landscape. Sponsors will be able to showcase existing applications and demonstrate how they could be used in a variety of industries.

  • Brand awareness
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Exhibit
  • Lead generation
  • Thought leadership