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InformationWeek is a trusted source for IT decision-makers to learn from experienced journalists, subject-matter experts, and their peers to explore new ideas, find answers to their business technology questions, and solve their most pressing problems.

For more than 30 years, InformationWeek has helped millions of IT executives worldwide with the information they need to accelerate their careers and enterprises by providing:
  • Daily news about the technology industry
  • Original features and technical articles written by industry professionals
  • Targeted content sections: Infrastructure, Security, Cloud, DevOps, Data & Analytics, IT Leadership


IT leaders and business professionals come to for independent insight, advice, and resources to drive their organizations forward.
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Advertising Options

Not every business has the same marketing goals, which is why InformationWeek has an array of media tools and custom services for marketers to build a program to suit their needs.

Lead Generation
  • Research Reports
  • Custom Research Services
  • IT Trend Reports
  • Topic Alignment Program
  • Webinars 
Native Advertising
  • Native Content Distribution Ad Unit
  • Partner Perspectives
  • Sponsored Article 
  • Ad Targeting
  • eNewsletters
  • InRead Video
  • Banner Ads

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