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AI for B2B marketers: Three takeaways from our expert webinar that will put your plans on the right track

Insights on how marketers should adopt and deploy generative AI initiatives from experts at Omdia and studioID

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Loyalty isn’t just for B2C: How to refine your ABM strategy to keep your B2B clients engaged

Sharing insights, performing low-lift tasks and incentivizing clients to spread the word can grow your programme – and your revenue.

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The marketing leader’s guide to getting started with AI

AI now touches every step of the buyer journey. But where should marketers start? From CX to targeting and boosting creativity, our team will focus on what marketers need to know right now.

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B2B buyers are willing to give you their data. Here’s what they really expect in return.

Enhance data collection practices and share high quality content to establish a relationship with decision makers in your industry.

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We can only personalize customer journeys if we really listen to customers

Use qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain quality insights about problems and appropriately map the modern customer journey.

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What Do Marketers Need To Make The Most Of B2B Intent Data?

As B2B marketing becomes more complex, high-quality, buyer-level, and validated intent data is necessary to drive success. But as B2B marketers start using intent data, what do they need to get the most out of it?

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Attribution matters: How marketers are navigating an ‘uncomfortably complex topic’

Attributing results to particular channels or campaigns is arguably digital marketing’s most dogged problem, with an array of approaches mutating as platforms change.

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