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What exactly is B2B intent data and where does it come from?

Intent data – which comes in many forms – is the key to unlocking which of your prospects are progressing on their buyer journey.

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When it comes to data-driven advertising, measurement will dictate the future of identity

With regulation on the rise and cookies headed for the door, it's time for new, privacy-conscious approaches to media measurement.

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Learn to navigate the customer journey multiverse

Learn how to reach, engage, and convert audiences across their journey from experts across brand marketing, demand generation, and audience data.

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Content marketing predictions for 2023 (and how to navigate them)

We surveyed over 400 content executives who are operating in a rapidly shifting economy. Their overall attitudes remained cautiously optimistic.

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Why marketers need to redefine their relationship with first-party data

Focusing on data maturity today will provide meaningful insights down the line.

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P&G’s Pritchard says AI, algorithms are improving ad effectiveness

With more sophisticated in-house teams and the marketer saving millions, Pritchard said agencies will need to 'see around corners' more than ever.

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Zero-party data’s superpower: Faster access to insights

How to use zero-party data to fuel predictive analytics and reach your goals in record time.

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