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Five ABM metrics that matter – and how you can supercharge their meaning to your organization

Think beyond the basic analytics to improve customer experiences while driving growth and retention.

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Content Marketing Measurement, Demystified: How to Demonstrate ROI from Brand to Demand

Use these steps to steer clear of short-termism and drive ROI with a brand-to-demand strategy.

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2023 Trust in Marketing Index: The trust gap

With brand trust so important to senior buying decisions, how can marketers ensure their content marketing is boosting and not busting key customer relationships?

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Loyalty isn’t just for B2C: How to refine your ABM strategy to keep your B2B clients engaged

Sharing insights, performing low-lift tasks and incentivizing clients to spread the word can grow your programme – and your revenue.

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7 Ways To Build Buyer Trust Through Your B2B Marketing Content

Forbes correspondents discuss insights from Informa Tech's 2023 Trust in Marketing Index

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Planning your 2024 content calendar: 10 steps B2B marketers can take to get a jump on the competition

From strategy to AI integration to the smart questions you should be asking your audience, this is your guide to orchestrating a big year

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B2B buyers are willing to give you their data. Here’s what they really expect in return.

Enhance data collection practices and share high quality content to establish a relationship with decision makers in your industry.

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