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How a hybrid approach to events can maximize your leads

While live events have come back, virtual events offer the potential to maximize your ability to land and then nurture leads from a wider audience.

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Will metaverse marketing survive the current tech rout?

Brands remain active despite a lot of doomsaying, though experts agree they must prioritize compliance as platforms like Roblox tighten their policies.

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5 essential demand generation statistics for 2023

From SEO to strategic days to take action, this list will give you the edge to grow your brand.

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‘All briefs will start with insights’: How researchers are changing the marketing industry

The Drum sits down with seven leading figures in the world of behavioral science, research and insights to ask one simple question: As their teams grow, how are they changing the world of marketing?

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What significant shifts in B2B buyer behavior means for 2023

As product information and peer reviews become more available online, a growing cohort of B2B buyers wants to hold off on speaking to sales reps for as long as possible in favor of self-serve experiences.

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Marketing content to Gen Z? You better play by their rules

With Generation Z's spending power growing, brands want to capture their attention. But to win their trust (and dollars), brands need to reflect the values of this socially conscious demographic.

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