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Infographic: How to navigate the customer journey multiverse

Key decision makers are shopping for your solutions behind the scenes every day. Here's their journey to purchase in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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How a hybrid approach to events can maximize your leads

While live events have come back, virtual events offer the potential to maximize your ability to land and then nurture leads from a wider audience.

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Learn to navigate the customer journey multiverse

Learn how to reach, engage, and convert audiences across their journey from experts across brand marketing, demand generation, and audience data.

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A strategy for determining and influencing marketing investment

Determining where, when and how to make marketing investments remains a mix of art and science. Start by thinking about the balance between demand creation and demand capture.

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When it comes to data-driven advertising, measurement will dictate the future of identity

With regulation on the rise and cookies headed for the door, it's time for new, privacy-conscious approaches to media measurement.

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5 essential demand generation statistics for 2023

From SEO to strategic days to take action, this list will give you the edge to grow your brand.

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‘All briefs will start with insights’: How researchers are changing the marketing industry

The Drum sits down with seven leading figures in the world of behavioral science, research and insights to ask one simple question: As their teams grow, how are they changing the world of marketing?

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