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One Giant 'Leap': Saudi Arabia's new global tech event

LEAP brings together innovative ideas, remarkable innovations and emerging developments in technology, all under one roof. A landmark technology event of national importance is poised to galvanise public and private organisations in the region and beyond, drive female empowerment, as well as unlock the Kingdom’s boundless investment potential for seismic economic diversification.

Set to showcase a jaw dropping amount of inspiring technology across all major sectors including health, finance, energy, education, digital entertainment, transport, smart cities and more. LEAP will be led by a speaker faculty of globally celebrated tech innovators and will focus on the most inspiring case studies around the world – and of course the current giga and mega projects financed and being delivered right now in Saudi Arabia. LEAP won’t be like any other tech event. From the ground up, the community, stakeholders and project team are challenged every day to do something wildly creative and bold, something that reflects the seismic advances in tech adoption being seen in Saudi Arabia.

A key driving force behind LEAP is KSA’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

LEAP is integral to MCIT’s five-year strategy aimed at accelerating the growth of the Kingdom’s digital economy by 50%, elevating its GDP contribution by US$13.3 billion, increasing foreign investments and continuing the drive of empowering women in the Kingdom’s tech sector and encouraging Saudi youth to pursue their dreams. LEAP will be where the Saudi government, sovereign and privately-held wealth funds will purchase pilot technology before anyone anywhere else in the world.


30,000 +
1,000 +
600 +


We are witnessing one of the most significant socio-cultural shifts ever seen and therefore the landscape is going to full of innovators, entrepreneurs and large-scale enterprises putting forward their game-changing tech.

Through bespoke sponsorship packages tailored to your business need, we will help you create an out of this world experience that will resonate with the LEAP audience including, government entities and some of the world’s most power tech buyers!
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