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SAN FRANCISCO, 3 October 23 – An organization’s ability to quickly adapt to everchanging customer and employee expectations around strategy, operations, products, and processes can be daunting. InformationWeek, a trusted resource for CIOs and IT leaders, today unveils a DigitalFit self-assessment tool to benchmark an organization’s digital fitness.

The new tool allows tech leaders in the private, public or not-for-profit sector to quickly evaluate their organization’s readiness to capitalize on digital opportunities and compare digital fitness against data from over 10,000 global organizations across various industries. InformationWeek’s DigitalFit identifies key areas affecting a company’s digital fitness, such as vision, digital strategy, technology capabilities and data practices. The tool is powered by Omdia, a technology research and consultancy firm from Informa Tech, InformationWeek’s parent company.

Click here to access the tool, which offers a benchmark of performance against peers and industry leaders, and delivers participants a dashboard that includes a downloadable PDF report with advice for improvement.

Sara Peters, Editor in Chief, InformationWeek said, “With digital experiences becoming all-pervasive, it is essential for organizations in every sector to have a sound technical strategy. It’s very difficult for IT executives to know if their strategy is on the right track and how they’re stacking up against similar organizations. Our new tool provides technology leaders with a quick and easy solution to assess their organizations more accurately and help identify areas of improvement, so they can fully leverage the opportunities of the digital era.”

As a trusted source of insights and knowledge for forward-thinking CIOs and IT leaders, InformationWeek is driven by the desire to provide the most valuable resources to fuel business innovation through IT innovation. Today, InformationWeek is also introducing a website refresh that empowers tech leaders to remain at the forefront of their industry by delivering the information and insights they need to propel their businesses forward.

InformationWeek has refined its content structure to match the dynamic landscape of IT and business and has added more targeted categories such as Machine Learning & AI, Data Management, Cyber Resilience and Sustainability.

Additionally, InformationWeek’s new features include simplified navigation, an optimized mobile experience, a unified digital experience, an improved sponsored article experience and access to over 20 years of archives.

Peters added, “Our commitment to innovation goes beyond just our content – it extends to the digital experience we offer. We’re excited about this transformation and the opportunities it brings to connect, inspire, and innovate together.”

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