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LONDON, 5 June 2023 – NetLine, the B2B-specific content syndication and lead generation network part of Informa PLC and paired with Informa Tech, has launched a next-generation intent data platform designed to speed up the sales process by providing marketers with real-time insights into buyer-level preferences from their online and offline behaviour.

Combining data from more than 125M online interactions across NetLine’s network and over 100M in-person interactions, INTENTIVE focuses on tangible, buyer-level behaviours enabled through first-party sourced, online and offline event intent data in real time.

INTENTIVE offers marketers greater detail of the buyer journey for targeted audiences across nearly 250 industries. Through the platform, marketers have the potential to maximise their budgets by reaching unknown and niche audiences with precision at the right time. Buoyed by first-party data, INTENTIVE takes out the guesswork when establishing where a contact is in the buying process, further reducing the reliance on third-party data and enhancing the potential for closing sales.

“There has been significant buzz about intent data in the marketing industry,” NetLine Founder and CEO Robert Alvin said. “But the majority of existing intent-based products rely solely upon company IP recognition and webpage visits which don’t tell you who is intending to do what. With INTENTIVE, NetLine has changed the meaning of what is meant by intent. Marketers now have access to deeper buyer-level insights allowing them to accelerate the sales process from their marketing endeavors, eliminating hours of guesswork and expediting the process of prospecting, messaging, and understanding a buyer’s journey.”

INTENTIVE uses AI, natural language processing and sophisticated algorithms to create a precise picture of a prospect’s journey in real time. It reports on:

  • 285 Distinct Event Activity Types
  • 247 Industries
  • 329K Keywords
  • 37M+ Persona Filtering Attributes
  • 100M+ Offline Activities via B2B Events (Event Intent)

Gary Nugent, Informa Tech CEO, said: “INTENTIVE is a step ahead in the intent data space, aligning with our goal to continue to deliver deep insight into our thriving community of business and technology decision makers. Powered by our powerful ecosystem of fully permissioned first-party data, INTENTIVE enables us to provide marketers with unique insights to help them drive sales and build long-term relationships with their targeted customers.”

INTENTIVE benefits from the international reach and scale of Informa, which operates over 500 major and established B2B event brands each year. Its Event Intent function brings together buyers, sellers and decision makers into one place and time seamlessly, intelligently interpreting signals in real time utilising fully permissioned first-party data.

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